Committee founder

Founding committee:

The founding committee has achieved all the necessary procedures to establish the Saudi Dietetic Association and to get the approval of concerned authorities.

Founding Committee included:

Dr.Ali Kudsi from King Abdulaziz Medical City (National Guards Hospital).

Prof. Mohammed AlSaif from King Saud University.

Dr.Fahad AlBeyahi from Aramco.

Ms. Rasha Alfawaz from Ministry of health.

Ms. Suha alyami from King Abdulaziz Medical City (National Guards Hospital)


Curent Board of Directors:

Dr.Salman Nasser Al-Otaibi             Chairman               
Dr.Osama Zaid Al-Zer                     Vice 
Dr.Mishal Wasel Al-Otaibi                Finance Manager
Dr.Saif Dakheel Al-Mutairi               Public Relation Director
Dr.Suha Hathal Al-Yami                  Board Member
Dr.Eman Ali Al-Ohali                       Board Member
Dr.Mohammed Suliman Al-Badah   Board Member
Dr.Fahad Mohd Alhusaini                Board Member
Dr. Rabab Jamil Makki                    Board Member


First Board of Directors:

Prof. Mohammed Alsaif, Chairman.
Dr.May AlMuammar, Vice Chairman.
Dr.Adel Alhamdan, Council Secretary.
Dr. Ali Kudsi, Treasurer.
Dr.Abdulaziz Alothaimen, Board Member.
Dr. Abdulaziz Alothman, Board Member.
Dr.Saada AlOrf, Board Member.
Dr.Khalid AlMarshad, Board Member.
Dr.Fahad AlBeyahi, Board Member.
Khalid AlHelal, Board Member.


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